Learn to love life’s little imperfections
the detours and spontaneous interactions
Value all the plans which do not work out as they should
You might get where you need to be when you’re misunderstood

Learn to say the magic word „whatever“
Try the dos, the don’ts, the maybes and the nevers
All the times you find yourself lost and going astray
Know that there will always be another way

Jump into the chaos and the high tide
the thunderstorms, the wild crowds and the tough fight
Trust that you will come out stronger on the other side
You won’t be getting anywhere if you always hide

Let go of the losses and the missing
Without them there would be no new beginnings
Turn your face ahead where new adventures wait
You don’t yet know everything that you will create

Learn to love the heartbreak and the sadness
the loneliness, the wrong ways and the madness
Keep your head up high when they rain on your parade
Keep your goals in sight and keep on walking anyway

(lyrics: Corinna Schattauer / music: Marc Kluschat)